Chairman / md

Dr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil

Chairman's Desk

D. Y. Patil group is a pioneer in the field of education. It has set up more than 180 schools not only in India but also in places like Belgium, Guyana, Sri Lanka etc. More than a million students have passed through its schools and colleges. The vision of the group is to develop a World Class International Education Hub at various locations in India and abroad through backward integration into K-12 education and forward integration into all spheres of higher education. The D.Y. Patil University located at New Mumbai is one of the finest institutions and offers several interdisciplinary programs. The School of Management (DYPUSM) is one of the few institutions which has created a conducive atmosphere for learning through the creation of a stimulating and challenging environment measured in terms of infrastructure, ambience, faculty and above all the pedagogy that is used for teaching. The DYPUSM believes in its role of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination and through this the holistic development of the child. It believes that knowledge is the most superior form of wealth a person can have and it is knowledge that leads to Happiness and Happiness to Wealthiness. DYPUSM aims to create the stimulating and challenging environment of the Harvards and the Stanfords in India. The department continuously measures and benchmarks its performance in terms of student outcome measured in terms of hard skills like functional knowledge and in terms of soft skills like team working, ethical working, development of communicating skills etc. Globalization today is leading to borderless education. Knowledge sharing through faculties from various parts of globe is essential. The old model of offering traditional courses is giving way to development of new industry courses like the MBA in Biotechnology or the MBA in Outsourcing or the MBA in Bioinformatics program, or the MBA in Aviation Management the MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics program. Evaluation of the university by an external body like NAAC which is an autonomous body of the UGC is a must wherein student outcomes are measured. NAAC measures the performance of the institution on a regular basis. The net result is that students have to be developed as EMPLOYABLE students. The DYPUSM seeks a long lasting partnership based on trust, a value system and above all it should result in a WIN – WIN situation to all. A partnership wherein one CONSTANTLY CHALLENGES the CURRENT and thus reaches the higher levels. We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours and invite you to join hands with DYPUSM and the D.Y. Patil University.

Dr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil
Chairman / Managing Director
Member, Board Of Management
D. Y. Patil University, Navi Mumbai
Vice President Dr.D. Y Patil Sports Academy
D.y.Patil Education Enterprises Pvt.Ltd. Navi Mumbai
Honorory Consul,
Republic of Guyana