DYPUSM held the 7th International Business Conference on Saturday the 24th September 2016.
The whos who of the industry were present for this all important conference viz. 
1. Dr. Shirish Patil, Vice Chancellor, DYPU
2. Mr.Deepak Premnarayan, President Indian Merchant Chambers
3. Mr. Rohit Wahi, CEO First Rand Bank
4. Mr. Ajay Kumar, MD, Yes Bank
5. Dr. Lalit Kanoria, CEO Datamatics,
6  Mr. R. K. Jain,President,Indian Merchants Chamber, Navi Mumbai
7. Mr. Sudharshan Charry, RBL Bank 
8. Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ramaswamym Head First Rand Bank
9. Mr. Mohit Motani, CEO, SK Robotics
10.Mr. Saroj Khuntia, Gen. Mgr Exim Bank
11. Consul Generals of Indonesia, South Africa and Sri Lanka 
and many more.

A cultural program -- dance program  and a one act play was organized by the students of DYPUSM
Please find attached a select few photographs for your kind perusal. A lot many photographs could not be attached for want of e space.
The conference was a ROARING SUCCESS  with more than  700 students from various colleges in an around Mumbai. Students for e.g. from colleges like Vidyalankar , Modern College, Univ. of Mumbai, ITM, Pillai, YMT, Swami Vivekananda, SIES, SIWS etc etc participated. Around 150 students spot registrations were received. 
We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to the Management of D Y Patil University for helping us make this event a grand success. Special thanks to Ms. Vandana Mishra and her team for the hospitality  and also other staff.



D Y Patil University, School of Management, Navi Mumbai organized its extravaganza Annual Cultural Event - “Paramount - 2016” for its students, faculties and staff from 15th February to 17th February 2016.

Prof. Dr. R. Gopal, Director and the Head of the Department said, “The objective of such meets is essentially to bring out the “HIDDEN TALENT” amongst the students, faculty and the non-teaching staff members and most importantly to build a team spirit.”
The Chief Guest for the function was Ms. Ekta Maru, who was the finalist at the Miss India Competition, 2015. She said that she was amazed at the wonderful talent that the students and especially the staff had.
Ms. Sarah Kuruvilla, Principal, D Y Patil School, said, “Cultural activities is something which every student must participate. This helps in the proper development of the human body and mind. It also helps in developing a proper competitive spirit in the student”
Dr. Vijay D Patil, President DYPSA and Dr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil sent their best wishes for success of PARAMOUNT 2016.

Paramount 2016 kicked off with an exciting ‘DHOL TAASHA PTHAK – Mi Urankar’ by one of our students Mr. Omkar Gharat and his team. The performance reminded the students of the rich Indian tradition, followed by the singing competition, rangoli competition, t shirt painting, fun foodie, skit competition, and many more. The grand event was the FASHION SHOW and the DANCE competition wherein almost 90 strong teaching and non-teaching staff participated in addition to the strong 500 student group participation.

Ms. Snehal Dumbre and her team were the guiding spirit who successfully and meticulously planned and implemented PARAMOUNT 2016. Since all classes were competition against one another, class of MBA Core C took the award of the Best Class, for winning maximum competitions.The winners were awarded medals and mementoes on the 17th February 2016 by Ms. Ekta Maru.



D Y Patil University, School of Management, Navi Mumbai organized its Annual Sports Event - Interschool competition “Battleground-2016” for its students, faculties and staff from 8th February to 11th February 2016.  
Prof. Dr. R. Gopal, Director and the Head of the Department said “The objective of such meets is essentially the HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT, a Sporting Spirit and most importantly to build a team spirit.”
Ms. Sarah Kuruvilla, Principal, D Y Patil School,   informed that Mr. Abey Kuruvilla, the renowned cricketer, could not come because of some urgent work. She then declared the sports event open. She said “Sports is something which every student must participate. This helps in the proper development of the human body and mind. It also helps in developing a proper competitive spirit in the student”
Ms. Sarah had a tour of DYPUSM and appreciated the infrastructure and the organized way in which the school conducted all its activities.
Dr. Vijay D Patil, President DYPSA and Dr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil sent their best wishes for the sports event.
The sports events kicked off with an exciting “Treasure hunt” and finished off with the most energetic and cheered Tug of War where the BBA team competed with the MBA team. Several indoor and outdoor events were held during this period. Notably amongst them were games like Carom, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Box Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throw ball, Tug of War, Kabaddi. Etc.
Each event had around 7 to 8 teams competing with each other. The first year and second year Sports Business Management team were the guiding spirit and the umpires for all the events. The Sports Business Management Team patiently explained the rules of the games and guided the sports events with their expertise.

The winners of the various events and the award for the class that wins the maximum no. of awards will be given their awards on the 17th February 2016 along with the winners of the cultural fest “Paramount” that is being held between 15th of February and the 17th of February.



D Y Patil University School of Management enhances the institute and industry interaction. An industrial visit for the Students of BBA 1st year   was conducted to ‘BOMBAY DYEING & MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd. Polyester division PatalGanga’ on Tuesday 9th February 2016.  The event was organized under the guideship of Our Director and HOD- Dr. R. Gopal, Mr. MangeshJadhav and Dr Alpha Lokhande. Fifty students were accompanied with five faculties. Students got an experience of the manufacturing and operations, HR and welfare policies of the organisation. They produce 3500 tonnes of polyester synthetic fibre per day. The production cost 7.25 per unit. This production is wholly mechanized and less of man power is used. Though usage of mechanism is more, the operator is appointed to have a constant check on the working of machines. Management plays a vital rule in production process. The filament produced goes under various process such as heating, steaming, boiling. For this the natural resources used were minimum (i.e. fuel). The temperature under which melting is done is about 500-518o F (260-270oC). They are then formed in long ribbons, they are allowed to cool until they become brittle. The waste materials are also recycled and reused. The water is also purified before darning it out. From this we come to known that production is lead with a thought of maximum utilization of available resources.

Our one of the student has shared her views about ‘Industrial visit’. ManasiGawade from BBA CORE B had a great experience at ‘BOMBAY DYEING’. “As a management student I was very curious to know about the product management. After visiting I was satisfied and got to know how actually production management is carried out.  The acquired knowledge can be implemented during the employment phase of my career.The employees and HR manager Mr. ChandrakantShende were kind enough to answer my queries. I express my gratitude to  our Director Dr. R Gopal, Dr. Sunil Surte Administration head and my Faculties who gave us such a wonderful opportunity to visit such a big production company.”



The second Parent Teachers meet was held on the 12th of February 2016 at the conference room at DYPUSM. More than 150 parents attended this meeting which was excellently compered by Ms. Sonia Justin,
The parent teacher meet was called to discuss several issues related to the BBA students for e.g. issues related to Semester 1 examination results, submission of documentation, fee related, attendance parameters and criteria, road safety etc.
The meeting began with the lighting of the lamp and the invocation of Maa Saraswati.
Sub Inspector Suresh Thorat of the RTO, Navi Mumbai explained the importance of road safety and the causes of the various accidents that takes place with a vivid power point presentation. He mentioned that in the case of students it is mostly speed driving and driving without helmet. He was grateful to DYPUSM was organizing this road safety lecture. He said normally the RTO would request colleges to allow them to speak to the students but this is the first time that the college has asked them to speak to the parents on the road safety program. Prof. Dr. Gopal gave examples of a few cases which happened in the last few weeks and wherein some of the students had to be admitted with fractures and steel rods inserted. He requested the parents to take care and warn their children. He also mentioned that similar presentations were made to every BBA Class.
Prof. Dr. R. Gopal commented on the various feedbacks given by the parents in the last parent teacher meet held on 12th of Sept 2015 and the various actions that have been taken. He also gave a bird’s eye view of the days proceedings.
Ms. Sarika Punekar then explained the concept of the examination pattern. The breakup of 100 marks per subject into 50 marks for assignment and 50 marks of the end semester exam. She further mentioned the breakup of the 50 marks assignment into class participation and class attendance, group working etc. And also the basis of the 50 marks for the external exams. The minimum passing marks for the internal and external marks was also explained and finally the overall passing marks considering both.
The ATKT rules was also explained in a very transparent manner. A few parents had certain questions / clarifications in the marking system and the ATKT system which was patiently and in a very transparent manner explained to the parents by Prof. Dr. R. Gopal and his team.
The next issue which was discussed at length was the list of documents. Several parents had doubts regarding the need for such documents and also demanded some more time to submit these documents especially the passport and / or domicile certificate. Bowing down to the wishes of a few parents, Prof. D. R. Gopal agreed to extend the time till the end of this month.
Ms. Sarika P also took pains to explain the various co-curricular activities that are carried out for e.g. the guest lectures, conferences, the intercollegiate competitions the intra school competitions like the sports, the cultural activities etc. and also the forthcoming programs of the school.
The parents were then requested to visit the respective class rooms of their ward and discuss any specific issues that they had with the concerned faculties.
The parents also gave several suggestions. For e.g parents wanted sms to be sent on various issues to them, in addition to sending the same to their children. They also commented on the not so good infrastructure e.g. the IT Lab and the Air conditioning system. They have also suggested to the faculties that they should comment also on the areas of improvement of their children and finally a few parents requested that the lectures should begin at 9.00 a.m. instead of 8.45 a.m. The respective faculties assured them that these suggestions would be considered by the management.



INDIA 2020

On 30th January 2015 at D.Y.Patil Auditorium, 780 people consisting of  healthcare professionals, medical and non- medical students gathered to be a part of "India 2020 – 7th National Conference on Health & Hospital Management and 3rd National Conference on Banking & Insurance." The mega event hosted by the D.Y.Patil University of Management that focused on the opportunities and challenges in the healthcare and banking industries.

The event was inaugurated, by the imminent personalities like; Dr. Gustad Daver, Medical Director of H.N Reliance Hospital, Mr. Joy Chakraborty, COO Hinduja Hospital, , Mr. Pravin Bhansal, President Project  Finance DHFL, Dr. Sanjay Oak, Honorable Vice Chancellor of Dr. D.Y.Patil University , Dr. R. Gopal, Director, D. Y. Patil  University  School of Management, Dr. Nitin Sippy, Associate Professor- Health and Hospital Management and Mr.Mangesh Jadhav, Assistant Professor -Banking and Insurance.

Dr Vijay D Patil said “ Healthcare is not only a unique service sector,  but also a recession proof industry. Patient first  should be the core value of any healthcare organization. Hospital management plays a key role in the implementation of these values ”.

Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil said, “The healthcare sector  is being witnessed a drastic growth & rapid change . The spur of single specialty centers has increased the demand supply gap of quality manpower in healthcare & hospital management. This conference shall facilitate the upliftment of all stakeholders ” .  

Dr R Gopal, Director, D. Y. Patil  University  School of Management, commented  “ India is shining on the global map & progressing fast . Healthcare & Banking are the two strong pillars for any nation to grow. Both these management sectors will create huge job opportunities by the year 2020. Thus , as a school of management, we decided to educate the young Indians about the career opportunities  & challenges in both these areas. “

Dr. Sanjay Oak, Honorable Vice Chancellor of D. Y. Patil  University said, "Today hospital not only needs medical professionals, but they need managers and leaders to maintain that equilibrium that healthcare system requires. Hundreds of you sitting in this room are going to play a pivotal role, by contributing in the various facets of this industry." Dr. Oak also mentioned the legal challenges faced by healthcare industry that at times acts as a hurdle and keeps the needy patients at bay from a good healthcare facility.

In the inaugural address, Dr. Daver said, "We need leaders in our industry that can come  up with innovative ways, with a reckoning force of passion and agility to bridge up the gap between people and healthcare system." Dr. Daver also spoke on the various aspects of Cadaver donation and it's importance that gave the aspiring medical attendees a new lesson of learning. He also  mentioned that "Mrs Nita Ambani was supposed to be the Chief Guest for today's conference.  But on account of some unavoidable and urgent meeting,  she nominated me for the conference.  She has passed her best regards to the conference and to the School of Management ".

Mr. Joy Chakrobarthy, COO Hinduja Hospital emphasized on the required skilled sets of the healthcare industry, by stating " With the growing at rate of 12% annually, the healthcare industry requires managers, who are well accomplished with the knowledge of hospital business."

With the increasing pace how various industries are linked to each other, for doing a better business has played an important role and going to be the crux in upcoming years.
Mr. Pravin Bhansal, President Project Finance DHFL said, " Today, with technology on a go click has opened several doors for the aspiring students like you, to make a fruitful career in Banking and Insurance industry.

Followed  by the key notes from the distinguised guest, the other half of the conference focused on a panel discussion led, by the eminent leaders of healthcare and banking industry, to widen the horizons of students career choice.

The banking and insurance panel was monitored by Dr. R. Gopal, Director of D.Y.Patil University, along with Mr. Deepak Pande, Sr. Vice President, Axis Bank, Ms. Apeksha M, Vice President, SBi Capital, Mr. Akshay Kakde, Asst. Vice President, Credit Suisse and Mr. Vikas Patil, Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank. The variant  fields in the banking and insurance sector were the key highlights of the panel discusion.

The healthcare  panelist included the big names like; Dr. Rajendra Patankar, COO, Nanavati Hospital, Dr. Sameer Khan, CEO, Suasth Healthcare, Dr. Anupam Karmakar, COO, Guru Nanak Hospital and Dr. Nitin Sippy, Associate Professor, . - Health and Hospital Management . The panelist addressed the opportunities and challenges faced in the healthcare industry, and also educated hundreds of students regarding the skill sets and frame of mind that recruiters in the healthcare industry look for.

Apart from the talks related to the opportunities and challenges in healthcare and banking industry, the conference also had exciting and rewarding activities for students like; Lucky Draw which was the most forging part of the conference that drives a huge enthusiasm among the crowd.

Dr Sunil Surte , Administration Head, D Y Patil University School of Management said “ I thank all the delegates for the continuous & consistent support in the success of the conference. The entire organizing team has planned  & implemented the minutest details well in advance.”

The last part of the conference had an Intercollegiate debate. Where colleges like TML Nursing and Dental, Fortis Nursing, Bharti Nursing and Dental, Khalsa college and other 20 colleges took part. After healthy 3 rounds of debate, Khalsa College emerged as the ultimate winner. The winning team was awarded a trophy and cash prize of Rs 5,000.

With an everest success , the organizing committee promised a more grand event next year.



MBA Aviation Students Visit The Pune Airport

   The full time, four semester, two year MBA program was introduced in the academic year 2014. Under the guidance of the Director Dr. R Gopal, the program was incubated by Captain Shashikant Koppikar. He is a veteran of the aviation industry with a total experience of over 45 years. The program has been designed, keeping in mind employability across a wide spectrum of segments within the aviation industry, such as the Airlines, Airports, Airfreight, Corporate aviation and Airport planning.  The accent is on finance, economics and management aspects specific to aviation.

Industry insiders and independent consultants alike are unanimous about the growth prospects of Indian aviation. Already the 9th largest in the world, it is expected to grow five times the present size by 2030, to become the 3rd largest. It is but natural that such explosive growth will require specialist aviation managers in large numbers.  The recent policy pronouncements by the central and state governments are a clear pointer in the direction of growth. At present there is a dearth of institutions in India, providing specialist higher education in the field of aviation management. Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Management’s MBA program aims at filling up this gap to provide aspiring aviation managers a career opportunity, which at once will be both rewarding and satisfying.



D. Y. Patil University School of Management seeks blessings from Lord Satyanarayana

Like every year, the Management, Staff & Students of DYPUSM performed the Satyanarayan Pooja, at the Dnyanpushpa Niketan Campus at CBD-Belapur. On Friday, 18th December 2015 morning, all members of DYPUSM – The Management, Staff & Students, came dressed in an beautiful traditional attires to perform the Satyanarayan Pooja.
On the same day, DYPUSM celebrated traditional day. The female staff members celebrated this day with much enthusiasm, wearing the traditional nine yard saree – Nauvari, while men came dressed in kurtas.
The event started on the morning of Friday, 18th December 2015. After performing the Satyanarayan Pooja, all staff members of DYPUSM were called in to feast on the Maha Prasad arranged by the Management. A Traditional Day Competition followed next.
All students dressed in authentic traditional attire were appreciated. Eighteen students in all participated in this competition, wherein they had to walk the ramp and answer a few questions, asked by our panel of judges, based on the tradition that they were promoting. The panel of judges consisted faculty members – Ms. Amina Momin, Ms. Alfa Lokhande & Ms. Darinka Souza.
Most girl students walked in dressed in sarees, be it a beautiful white and red Bengali saree or an elegant golden and white Kerela saree. Some girls chose to go fashionable while keeping traditions in place, by wearing designer Lehengas. Out of these 18 participants, three pairs were awarded based on their attire and the ability to come up with a witty answer to the judge’s questions. Mentioned below are the names of the winners.

Winners: Sanket (dress as Bajirao) & Neha Gujar (dressed as a modern girl with traditional values)
1st Runner Up: Justin (dressed in a Kerela Lungi) & Sejal (dressed in a Bengali saree)
2nd Runner Up: Mohit (dressed in a Kurta) & Neha Walunj (dressed in a Nauvari)

The response of students towards this event was over whelming. Justin Abraham from BBA spoke on behalf of the BBA students, saying, “It’s fun to be dressed in a traditional attire to college. It reminds us of our roots. I, on behalf of all students, would like to convey a big thanks to our college Management for successfully organizing exciting events for us, month after month.”

Dr. R. Gopal, Director – DYPUSM said, “Taking admission in a Management School shouldn’t be only about theoretical studying and project submissions. Students must also enjoy this phase of their lives. We celebrate Traditional Day every year with an intention to remind the students of the various traditions around us. The vision behind celebrating this day is to promote Unity in Diversity.”

The event ended on a good note, with all members of DYPUSM walking out with a big smile, and many pleasant memories. DYPUSM Management thanks all its members, students & staff, for making this event – Satyanarayan Pooja & Traditional Day, a huge success.



Visit of Students of Hospital Administration ( MBA Sem IV , MBA Sem I & BBA HA Sem II ) to Cloudnine Hospital, Malad

26th Nov, 2015: The Hospital Administration Students of D.Y.Patil School of Management  (MBA Sem IV, MBA Sem I & BBA HA Sem II)  had a unique experience as they visited Cloudnine Hospital , Malad.
India’s leading chain of Maternity Hospitals – Cloudnine Hospitals ( with currently 17 Hospitals Pan India), has over 23,000 happy deliveries & a high neonatal survival rate of 99.72%, and the support of top – tier investors like Sequoia Capital & Matrix Partners  , Cloudnine Hospitals are spreading the vision of their founder – Dr Kishore Kumar’s ( an internationally acclaimed neonatologist ) vision across the country.
The 52 Students were divided in three batches to avoid any inconvenience to patients and/or staff. We are grateful to Mr. Ravinder Dang (Regional Direector-West) , Dr. Rinky (Asst.Centre Head) and Mr. Ravinder Sidhu (Marketing Executive & OUR ALUMNI)  for the entire walk through.
The students had a good interactive session with Mr. Ravinder Dang.  He opined, “With such interactive session, it’s for sure that these future healthcare managers will be an asset to any organization they join.”
Dr. R. Gopal, Director – DYPUSM, commented, “Such industry visits help to bridge the gap between Industry & Institute. Additionally, these activities add to the feather of employability of every MBA student.”
Mr. Ravinder Sidhu, Marketing Executive said, “As an alumnus, it’s my responsibility to contribute my part to the development of my super juniors. I would also love to have some of them as trainees in near future.”
Dr. Sippy mentioned, “The need of the hour is to expose every student to more & more live projects and make their theoretical knowledge practically implementable.” 
Ms. Nikita – MBA Sem I Student said, “Such a setup spread over  50,000 sq ft, 03 Operation Theatres, 03 Labour rooms,  03 Induction rooms, a strong  20 bedded ICU, 06 OPD rooms with 02 separate IVF OPD is definitely a twisting concept to single speciality hospitals.”
Dr. Shital expressed, “This visit has given all students a deep insight on the teething issues during the commissioning of a new hospital & thus a great learning for all of them.”  
Dr. Darinka said, “Such single specialty hospital is a unique example of how hospital industry is changing from typical huge multispecialty to centre of excellence.” 
Dr. Priya – MBA Sem IV Student opined, “With the presence of ‘Mom & Me’ & ‘Suburban Diagnostics’, the practical concept of outsourcing is witnessed here”.  
Ms. Taranjeet – BBA HA Sem II student stated, “ We would like to thank all our college authorities for this wonderful opportunity & l would love to have more such visits  to various hospitals.”
Dr. Ravindra Dang appreciated the initiative taken by DYPUSM in organizing this visit and had individual discussions with some of the students on several issues relating to the institute and the hospital.


 Management Development Program (MDP) by Dr. Shilpa Varma – A Workshop on Business Etiquette

Dr.Shilpa Varma, Dean and Associate Professor at DYPUSM conducted a two day Management Development Program titled ‘Business Etiquette’. Dr.Shilpa Varma is a Certified Business Professional and a Certified Psychometric Testing Professional. The program was an interactive workshop covering Resume Writing, Preparing for Interviews, Business Introductions, Multi-cultural Etiquettes, Business Wardrobe and a live Dining Etiquette lab session.
A Psychometric test ‘Personal Effectiveness Scale’ was also administered to identify one’s basic personality type. A customized report was given to the participants highlighting the areas of strengths and weaknesses andoffering suitable suggestions for improvement.
Participation certificates were given to all participants.
The Business Etiquette Session was conducted in two batches on 12th and 20th Dec 2015 at DYPUSM, Belapur.
The Dining Etiquette Session was conducted in three bathces on 16th, 17th and 18th Dec 2015 at DYPSHTS.
Modules covered -

I. Resume Writing
Resume/CV/Bio data
Rules of Resume Writing
Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

II. Job Interview Etiquette
Make a Positive Impression
Identifying and classifying your skills
Interview attire
Interview non-verbals
Answering Interview questions
Handling tough questions

III. Business Introductions
Creating an Effective Introduction
Making a Great First Impression
Minimizing Nervousness
Using Business Cards Effectively
Remembering Names

IV. Business Wardrobe
Dressing for Success
Difference between Business Professional and Business Casual Attire
Appropriate Attire for Women
Appropriate Attire for Men

V. Dining Etiquette
Understanding your place setting
Using your napkin
Eating your meal
Ordering in a restaurant
About beverages – Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic/Wines/Cocktails/Mocktails
Paying the bill


MoU with the University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina, the state’s flagship university which was founded in Columbia in 1801, began offering courses in Aiken for students interested in completing their degrees in Columbia. The University of South Carolina Aiken is ranked #1 among top public regional colleges in the South in the 2016 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s guide, "America’s Best Colleges."  Since U.S. News & World Report created this ranking category eighteen years ago, the University has been ranked in the top three public regional colleges every year.  USC Aiken has been ranked first several times: 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015. The university offers more than 50 undergraduate programs and post graduate programs.

The Memorandum of Understanding envisages the University of South Carolina, Aiken and the D. Y. Patil University School of Management to work together in the areas of:
1. Faculty and Student Research,
2. Faculty and Student teaching learning process,
3. Faculty Exchange Programs,
4. Start of Short term programs, Etc.

Dr. Sandra J. Jordan said “The University of South Carolina is committed to achieve Global Leadership through Partnerships. The MOU with a reputed University like D. Y. Patil University and therein the School of Management, will go a long way in strengthening global leadership, research and teaching”.
Dr. Sanjay Oak, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, while expressing happiness over the signing of the MOU cautioned that the MOU should not be like any other MOU where implementation does not take place.
Dr. R. Gopal, Director, suggested ways where in we could start the progress. As a first step he said, ”We could have a preliminary round of discussion with the Faculty of DYPUSM and the Faculty of the University of South Carolina, where in the MEETING OF THE MINDS COULD TAKE PLACE.”
Dr. R. Gopal suggested that the same should be held as early as possible and in the Virtual Class Room.
Dr. Hirdekar, Registrar, while explaining that we need to take permission from the statutory bodies for a twinning arrangement suggested that nursing and clinical research could also be other areas which could be explored for new programs.

Dr. Jeffrey Priest, Executive Vice Chancellor of the University, along with Mr. Ani Agnihotri was also present from the University of South Carolina were also present.


Dandiya Raas Celebration at DYPUSM

With the on-going festival of Navratri, the D. Y. Patil University School of Management students and staff, forgot the worldly pain and pleasures and submerged themselves in celebrating Dandiya Raas by singing and dancing.

On the afternoon of 16th October 2015, Friday, the celebrations started by performing aarti in the Saraswati Mandir, within the campus. Post which, with much uproar, students danced to the tunes of Dandiya music. Along with the students, the teaching and non-teaching staff too joined in, and danced gracefully till the very last beat.

On this occasion, six awards were given to the deserving students. Best Dancer Male – Pratik Hiwale, Best Dancer Male 1st Runner Up – Nirav Bhanushali, Best Dancer Female – Ankita , Best Dancer Female 1st Runner Up – Shivangi Bharadwaj, Best Dressed Male – Keval Prajapati, Best Dressed Female – Ankita Manral,

Both, staff and students enjoyed the Dandiya Raas to the fullest, and really appreciated the event put forward by the Cultural Committee.



Guest Lecture on 'Negotiation skills' by Dr Deepak Joseph

To enhance the industry and institute interaction eminent and experienced guests are called upon at our esteemed Institute on regular basis from the corporate. Students from the management cadre are required to keep themselves upgraded about the industry.
A lecture was conducted on “Negotiation skills” by Dr Deepak Joseph on Saturday 12th of September 2015. Lecture was addressed to more than 70 students from  Business school  in virtual Classroom at university campus Nerul.
Honorable guest is designated as Associate vice president in Tata Consultancy Services. He is a detail-oriented professional with over 17 years of extensive Post MBBS experience; Working in the area of Patient safety.  In addition to this the Guest has over 15 years in pharmaceutical industry, including 3 years in clinical research arena as sub-investigator while undertaking various international multicentre phase III and IV trials as well as other national studies for department of psychiatry in KEM Hospital Mumbai. Showcasing strategic experience in delivering and applying drug safety expertise in technically challenging projects, in the Pharmaceutical, CRO and IT space. He is qualified with a Diplomate in National Board (DNB) - Psychiatry, Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Additionally passionate about understanding problems of working youth and ways to resolve them.  Other interests are reading, listening to people from all walks of life and watching movies. 
The session was conducted on the significance and the role of negotiations in one’s personal as well as professional life. The criticality of negotiation was very well expressed through the session. The negotiation style plays an important role in corporates. The guest highlighted Not to offer anything exceptionally high as it would again create a problem among the existing employees. Ensuring one is little tactful and flash one’s trillion dollar smile. Do not indulge in annoying the other party. Negotiation is also important when one is dealing with vendors. An organization needs money to survive, managers have to take responsibility of the employees as well. The organisation can’t afford to spend money as it is. A single penny saved will help the managers and the organization later. The persons dealing with the external parties must be a good negotiator else one will end up paying more amount than required. Conflict must be avoided at the work place as it only leads to negativity all around. Negotiations help to reduce conflicts at the work place. Conflicts arise when individuals are too rigid and are just not willing to compromise with each other. Negotiations help in finding an alternative which benefits all.
Students  were enriched with the essential skills for negotiation, Power point presentation as well as different videos were played during  to make the session interactive. Several parameters responsible for effective negotiation were made interesting by different classroom activities. Hereinafter session was closed by a question and answer which elucidated qualms of students.


Dr. Marc Belton, the Vice President of General Mills visits D. Y. Patil University School of Management

Dr. Marc Belton, the Vice President of General Mills, delivered a lecture on Wednesday, 21st October 2015 at D.Y. Patil School of Management. Dr. Belton is Vice President of Global Strategy, Growth and Marketing Innovation. He provides vision and leadership for several key areas within General Mills. He is responsible for Global Strategy; New Business Development (including acquisitions); and General Mills’ global marketing functions, including Gcom, Consumer Insights, and health and wellness initiatives. 
Prior to his current role as VP, Dr.Marc had oversight responsibilities for Yoplait and General Mills Canada.
Since joining General Mills in 1983 as a marketing assistant, Marc Sir has held positions with increasing responsibility throughout the company, including president of Snacks Unlimited; president of New Ventures, where he was responsible for a multidisciplinary team that identified and executed strategies to capitalize on new growth opportunities; and president of Big G Cereals.  Marc Sir was elected a General Mills vice president in 1991 and senior vice president in 1994.
Dr. Marc is a member of the Executive Leadership Council, in Washington, DC.  He serves on the board of directors for U.S. Bancorp, the Salvation Army and the Guthrie Theater.  He served as vice chair and trustee of Northwestern College and was on the board of directors of Navistar International Corporation.
Marc Sir has received numerous awards and recognition including being named one of corporate America’s most powerful African American executives by Fortune and Black Enterprise magazines.
 He grew up in West Hempstead, NY.  He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth College in 1981 and an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1983.  Dr. Marc and his wife Alicia and their two children reside in Minneapolis.
This session was very much inspiring to the students he said that one should always be ready to work in every situation and at every task allotted as it always give you an opportunity to learn new things in life. He also said that one should always know who he is and should have a character which speaks of honesty and hard work. Dr Belton also related his life history of becoming VP of General Mills wherein he started as a marketing manager .Dr. Belton is a very lively orator who captured all the eyes in the room with his lucid words and vibrant body language. Dr. Belton, formed great connectivity with the students and encouraged the students to come forward. He also asked them to work only for one’s own satisfaction and not for monetary benefits as that would only give a feeling of being successful in life. Ms. Ekta Gadekar, MBA Sem III student of HR commented," Session was beyond our expectation. The guest of honour has touched my life. It was indeed an honor to be present for such a beautiful presentation". Ms. Divya from Sem I Banking and Insurance student said, "Marc Sir's life story has inspired me to achieve more in my life. He has inspired me to work hard towards my Goal".



Am I In Charge Of My Life

A faculty Development Program was conducted on Saturday, 17th October 2015 by Dr. Deepak Joseph, who works for a reputed IT company. He is a detail-oriented professional with over 17 years of extensive Post MBBS experience; working in the area of Patient safety.  In addition to this the Guest has over 15 years in pharmaceutical industry, including 3 years in clinical research arena as sub-investigator while undertaking various international multicentre phase III and IV trials as well as other national studies for department of psychiatry in KEM Hospital Mumbai. Showcasing strategic experience in delivering and applying drug safety expertise in technically challenging projects, in the Pharmaceutical, CRO and IT space. He is qualified with a Diplomate in National Board (DNB) - Psychiatry, Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Additionally passionate about understanding problems of working youth and ways to resolve them.  Other interests are reading, listening to people from all walks of life and watching movies. 
The topic of the session was “Am I In charge of My Life”. The session covered handling emotions, assertiveness, negotiation skills, & body language. Special exercises were conducted on to enhance active listening skills. Emphasis on awareness about one’s sensory modality & how they can be enhanced to strike a balance between work & life. He also accentuated on neutralizing one’s preceding thoughts & beliefs which should be dumped & will help in putting altogether different views in same situations. The takeaway for this session were-
L- Look Interested.
I – Inquire with questions.
S- Stay on Target.
T- Test Understand.
E- Evaluate the message.
N- Neutralize thoughts & Feelings.
More than 20 faculties attended the same. Overall it was a fruitful day. Ms. AdvetaGharat, Assistant Professor for HR commented “Loved the session, hope to attend many more sessions from the same speaker”. Dr. ShilpaVarma, Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty shared her views about the session as “Very exciting day, theory simplified through a lot of small activities”.


Brave Win of D Y Patil School of Management at the Law Premier League

The Cricket team of our college participated in Law Premier league held from 6th to 8th of October,2015 at D.Y Patil University ground, Nerul organized by D.Y. Patil College of Law. 8 teams participated in the 10 overs per side Knock-out tournament. Our team led by Gaurav Jathar defeated Dr D.Y. Patil Polytechnic Institute by 9 wickets chasing 52 runs to win from 10 overs in the first round of the tournament. Mahesh Sankpal was awarded as the Man of the match for his all round performance in the game.
The Semi final was played against MGM Law College. Batting first our team managed to score 79 runs in the allotted 10 overs setting up a target of 80 runs for the opposition and thereafter winning the match by 12 runs. Lokesh Upadhyay was awarded as the Man of the match for a fine display of bowling in this game.
The Final match of the tournament was played against the host team i.e  D.Y Patil College of Law and our team managed to bowl them out for just 45 runs in their own backyard and thereafter winning the match by 7 wickets and lifting the Winner’s trophy of the first edition of Law Premier league. Mahesh Sankpal and Kirtivan Bavkar of our college were awarded as Best Batsman and Best Bowler of the tournament respectively for being very consistent throughout the tournament.


DYPUSM Donates 81 Bottles of Blood

On 30th September 2015, DYPUSM in association with the DYP Hospital conducted a blood donation camp. The camp began at around 9.30 a.m. and lasted till around 3.00 p.m. The camp was held at the DYPUSM campus. Prof. Dr. R.Gopal led the blood donation camp by being the first to donate blood. A large number of students both from the Undergraduate program (BBA students above 18 were only permitted to give blood), MBA both the first and second year students participated.  A large number of students enthusiastically volunteered to give blood but many of these students had to go back without donating as they were diagnosed to be anemic and most of these students were girl students. Said Dr. R. Gopal “It is a pity that though DYPUSM is gender positive with almost more than 45% girl students, these girls were not able to donate blood”. In spite of this, around 81 bottles were collected and donated. Personally speaking Dr. Gopal said that he has been donating blood regularly for the last 15 years.
A strategy meeting was called immediately after the camp and it was decided to conduct a series of “Well Being” seminars exclusively for the girl students. The process of shortlisting doctors, dieticians etc. for this purpose will be started in a few days. Prof. Dr. R. Gopal lamented that this problem is primarily because many girl students in their quest to look young and beautiful have developed this habit of eating ‘junk food’ and avoiding good nutritious food. Many of these students have gone overboard with over exercising and eating junk food he said.  
Ms. Prachi Nair, Head of the Blood Donation Camp said that DYPUSM was one of her major donors of blood. She said “students of DYPUSM have been donating blood almost every 6 months for the last so many years. They have made it a habit of donating blood. On an average DYPUSM has always given around 80 to 100 bottles”
Ms. Prachi Nair, mentioned that today the number of patients in the wards, causalities in the DYP hospital have increased manifold and there is an acute shortage of blood. Mr. Neel Choubal expressed awe at the number of students who have volunteered to donate blood so enthusiastically. He said “We had to reject many undergraduate students almost 90% of these students as they were below the age of 18 and for many this was a first time experience, the first blood donation camp they were participating”. Ms. Jyoti Marathe expressed satisfaction and said that it is time there should be a depository of donors with different blood groups. The ISR team would be collecting a detailed list of probable donors and their blood groups. This would help in quickly getting donors when in need.
At the ground level, the camp was organized by the students led by Mr. Ashish Thomas, Student Cultural Secretary.
Finally, Prof. Dr. R. Gopal and the ISR team and all others thanked the staff of DYP Hospital, the administrative staff and all others for making this camp a grand success.

Guest Lecture on Negotiation Skills


DYPUSM students take Practical Lessons from Reserve Bank of India

"...to regulate the issue of Bank Notes and keeping of reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in India and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage." 
Management Students from DY Patil University School of Management have an opportunity to visit the Apex Bank of our Country.
On Wednesday, October 14, 2015 the Financial Literacy / Awareness Programme for the students of Banking and Insurance has been scheduled. This would be an exciting experience which would encompass the Journey of Currency right from its inception till its reincarnation.


Finance Forum conducted at DYPUSM

Student quotes, “After attending the Finance Forum, my knowledge grew from a drop to an Ocean.”

The D.Y Patil University School of Management had recently organized a one week event - ‘Finance Forum’, from 11th to 16th September 2015 for the 3rd Semester Finance specialization Students. The core endeavor of the event was creating awareness on different domains in the financial services industry and to offer them with an exposure about the corporate world. It gave students a wider perspective of the concepts taught in the classroom and its practical applicability at the work place.

The Finance Forum consisted of a series of lectures on various topics in the finance industry. Some of the topics covered were, Basic Aspects of Foreign Exchange Market, Implementation of technical analysis in trading,  How to make effective use of Microsoft Office Excel in Financial Modeling, Need and importance of International Financial Reporting Standards in Business, General Discussion on Equity, Options and Derivatives Instruments. The highlight of the Forum was Live Trading in Commodities and Stock Market. Students were given an opportunity to trade in Live stock Market. The forum was honored by eminent personalities from corporate world who not only delivered lectures but also made students understand the actual insights of the industry.

Some of the speakers at forum were, Ms. Ashmita Patel, a dynamic young women entrepreneur, who started her own broking firm, ‘Alchemista Trading Decoded’. Mr. Arvind Bedekar - Representative for BSE, NSE and Supreme Court lawyer for SEBI. Mr.Sunil Saxena, IT Representative for CMS Infosystems Pvt.Ltd. Mr.Roopesh Chauhan, Borivali branch Head of Reliance Securities. Mr.Naresh Kataria, Chartered Accountant by Profession. Ms. Ashmita Patel said, “The Finance Forum is a first rate initiative by the management to bring together students and corporate personalities in an interactive session. Not only does this expose student to knowledge, but also exposes them to better and lesser known opportunities besides the mainstream. All in all, a well thought about and splendid effort.”

Niki Kayastha, a student from D Y Patil, attending the Finance Forum said, “When I stepped in the Forum on the first day, my knowledge was equivalent to a drop. But when I stepped out, it turned out to be an Ocean.” It was for the first time DYPUSM had initiated a Series of Lectures exclusively for Finance Students with an aim to create a connect between the students and the outside world thereby providing students with a holistic experience in finance and ensuring that they are better prepared to handle the nuances of the financial services industry in practical life.

Bio-Pharma Conference Photos 2014

Guest Lecture by the Traffic Department, Navi Mumbai, Jan '15

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  1. Welcoming and Cutlure events of Students of Naipunnya Institute C 

lighting of Lamp during welcoming the students

Photo: lighting of Lamp  during welcoming the students

Photo: students during Garba raas Photo Photo: Naipunya Faculty presenting Momento to Dr.Oak

DY Patil Mba-dypdbm
December 4
Colosseum 2013 
Colosseum 2013 An Intra Sports Event, inaugurated by Rajasthan Royals leg spinner, Praveen Tambe


Photo Photo Photo

DY Patil Mba-dypdbm
December 4
Hospital Conference November 2013 

Photo: Aupam Verma Dr Oak Dr R Gopal and Dr Viveka on the dias Photo: Dr Oak lighting lamp
Photo: Prof Sippy wlecoming guests

DY Patil Mba-dypdbm
December 4
ONE MORE FEATHER IN THE CAP OF Dr. D Y Patil University Department of Business Management

The Business India November 2013 has ranked us in the category of A++ amongst the more than 2000 ++ B Schools in India.

We are amongst the TOP 175 B SCHOOLS IN INDIA as per the study.

Photo Photo

DY Patil Mba-dypdbm
November 28https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y2/r/K0srxReVLKP.png
Welcoming and Cutlure events of Students of Naipunnya Institute C
Welcoming and Cutlure events of Students of Naipunnya Institute Calicut University during Exchange Program — at D.Y Patil Belapur.

Photo: students during Garba raas Photo Photo: Naipunya Faculty presenting Momento to Dr.Oak


DY Patil Mba-dypdbm
November 28 · Editedhttps://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/y2/r/K0srxReVLKP.png
Traditional day and Garba at DYPDBM — at D.Y Patil Belapur.

Photo: Traditional day and Garba at DYPDBM