Part Time MBA Courses, Navi Mumbai

DYPUSM – One of the Top part time MBA colleges in Mumbai

DYPUSM is committed to nurturing its management students to secure the topmost positions in the private and government sectors. While we are upfront in providing high standard education to our full time MBA students, our efforts to establish part time MBA students in the mainstream are also commendable. At present, DYPUSM holds the credit to be one of the top part time MBA colleges in Mumbai. As you might sense, we are continuously upgrading our courses to help students even more.

Why part time MBA?

A slew of family, personal or other reasons tempt you to barge your way into jobs in between your academics. As a result, you have to part ways with education and hence sacrifice the coveted ambitions. If you too are among those countless heads longing to make it big, but succumb due to the lack of required qualification, part time MBA holds the key.

Joining part time management courses in Mumbai from a reputed institute like DYPUSM will help you expand your knowledge base. After completing this three year course, you will gain the same recognition as an MBA pass out gets. Moreover, if you deserve promotion in your company, but your qualification is hampering your progress, this part-time MBA could well prove to be the Holy Grail.

Pursuing part time MBA course

You can join this course while carrying on with your job, which is perhaps the biggest advantage to pursue it. Indeed, it one of the most sought after part time management courses in Mumbai and the fact that you can avail it from DYPUSM further enhances its credibility. The course comprises six semesters in its three year duration, (two semesters per year).

As a part of the curriculum, the students need to attend the classes in the evening after the regular working hours of their job, and at the weekends. The courses instructors incorporate real life situations in the classroom sessions and encourage the students to explore the possible solutions. This helps the latter to enhance their thinking and management capabilities and prepares them to face tough situations in their personal or professional life.

Courses offered

  • Part-Time Master’s Degree Program In Information Management
  • Part-Time Master’s Degree Program In Financial Management
  • Part-Time Master’s Degree Program In Marketing Management
  • Part-Time Master’s Degree Program In Human Resources Development Management

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We are among the best part time MBA institutes in Mumbai beyond doubts. Hence, joining us could help great guns in getting the much coveted kick in your otherwise slackened professional career.