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Vice Chancellor

Dr. Sanjay N. Oak 
  M S, M.Ch, FRCS Ed.(Hon), DNBE, FACS, 
  Vice Chancellor
  D Y Patil University 

Message from the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sanjay Oak

Dear Colleagues, It gives me immense pleasure that now I belong to the your family. After a long innings of 26 years in Public Sector, I opted to take the reins of a deemed to be university. This is a momentous occasion and a very thoughtful decision. It will be appropriate to say that the decision has come to me from the head rather than from my heart. Having witnessed and experienced, various issues in health and educational sectors, I feel that the educational process should be student-centric and your association with the University should not only enrich you academically but also enable you to earn your livelihood. Learning is a continuous process and should not end by mere acquisition of a degree. D Y Patil University is not going to be my “workplace” but it has become my “home” and so you are not staff and students but you are my family members. The environment of Vidyapeeth will now be full of seminars, symposia, workshops and guest lectures by eminent scholars. One should not restrict “Learning” into only his or her faculty but there is a lot to learn from faculties around you. We shall lay emphasis on “Learning Together And Growing Together”. Ours is perhaps the only campus which can take pride in the fact that we have an International Stadium next door. The Innovative Courses in Sports need to grow still further and our Vidyapeeth will give a boost to it. I close my address by offering my heartfelt regards to His Excellency Governor of Bihar, Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil and pledge that I will serve the Vidyapeeth with interest, integrity and ingenuity and keep the
Vidyapeeth’s flag flying high.